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Loughborough University's centrally supported student response system, Vevox (formerly Meetoo) allows staff to create engaging classes through real time polling and live discussion. Students access Vevox via their smartphones, tablets or laptops, and staff via a web dashboard and PowerPoint. Vevox licenses, covering up to 1500 students per class, are available to all educational staff.  

How to get access to our Electronic Voting System

You will first need to register for an account and if you would like to use Vevox via PowerPoint, you will need to download the PowerPoint Plug-in. Follow this 2 step process:

1) Request an account by filling in the form under the 'Request an Account' button below. 

2) If you require the Vevox Powerpoint plug-in, please download this from the Software Centre.

Watch the 1 minute video below for further guidance on getting Vevox set up and ready to use:

Getting Started

We recommend you watch these short videos on running you first PowerPoint poll and basic messaging before you start using Vevox:

Setting up your First Poll

Basics of Using the Q and A Messaging Feature

Please note, by default, the Q and A messaging feature within Vevow is switched on. We strongly recommend that you watch this short video before you begin using Vevox for guidance on how to use and control this feature.



Here are some other options to help you get started using Meetoo:

  • Watch the Basic Training Session recording  which is a comprehensive training session that was delivered to Loughborough colleagues in conjuction with Joe Probert on 18th September 2018


  • Fancy something more interactive? Vevox run a weekly 'Jumpstarter' webinar for all new users. These are only 30 minutes long, you can ask questions and undertake the training from the comfort of your own environment. Register for a webinar here


  • If you want to get started straight away and explore the system for yourself, dowload the Quickstart Guide at the bottom of this page. 



Ideas & Best Practice for Teaching

  • Watch the recording of our Advanced Features and Pedagogic Use workshop which was recorded at Loughborough University on 18th September 2018 in conjunction with Joe Probert from Vevox. This includes a selection of ideas of how you can use Voting System to enhance your teaching practice.


  • Attend one of the regular best practice webinars  hosted by Vevox which frequently feature Academic staff presenting case studies on their pedgogic use of voting systems or experts from Vevow discussing particular features in depth or new developments.


  • If you are looking to enhance the look and feel of your presentations and polls, why not re-use and repurpose the example  PowerPoint templates which are available through the Vevox website. This 2 minute video, Picture Polling is also a very useful resource if you would like to create picture based polls from scratch:

Meetoo for Students

How do I Access Vevox?

You can access Meetoo via the MyL'boro app. Under the app you will find a tile called 'In-Class Activity'

Press 'Launch the Activity' and enter the 9-digit Meeting ID provided by your Tutor. Now Click Join

Alternatively, you can access Vevox via an internet browser at web.vevox.com 

Voting is normally anonymous, but your tutor may require you to create a profile (your name and surname) as you join the meeting.

You can also access Vevox via the Mylboro app.

How does voting work?

Vevox collates the votes of everyone who participates in the poll and displays the results, showing how many voted for each answer choice. If there is a correct answer to the poll, you can see if you got the answer right and your tutor can see what proportion of the class got it right which will help them to understand whether they need to revisit any elements of the session.

How does messaging work?

Your tutor may choose to allow you to post, view and like messagesThis allows you to ask questions or make comments without having to raise your hand, speak in public or interrupt the lecture. If this is unmoderated, then everyone can see every message as soon as it is posted so please be mindful of what you post and ensure your message is relevant.

  • Your tutor can see which questions and comments have the most likes and respond accordingly.
  • Messages can also be moderated, which means your tutors chooses which messages are shared.

What if I can’t vote?

It doesn’t matter, just write your answer down and then compare it with the results shown on screen.

Do participants need to download any additional apps or software to vote?

Vevox is availabke  as a linked tile within the MyL'boro app, meaning that students do not need to download an additional application or software in order to vote.

If a participant does not have access to the MyL'boro app, they can access the polling session by going to web.meetoo.co

All participants will then need to;

Enter the 9-digit Meeting ID and Click Join

For further information on voting for participants, please see the 'Vevox' for Students' section.

What are the maximum amount of students you can have at one time?

The maximum limit is 1500 users per session.  

Are questions anonymous by default or does the session leader have to set this up?

By default, when you set up a new session within Vevox, all participants will be anonymous. 

You can change this by clicking on the 'Settings' menu on the left hand side of your meeting

Does the Vevox session keep the results for review after the lecture?

Yes, the results are retained automatically in the Vevox dashboard which can be accessed via https://lboro.dashboard.vevox.com/

You can even re-run an exisiting meeting with several groups and the results will be retained each time. 

Can you respond to questions after a Vevox poll has finished?

There is no feature within Vevox to reply questions after a session has finished, but you could reply via the forum in your Learn module. This may give you more time to reflect on the answers and check for duplicate questions.  

It is possible to moderate the responses in a word cloud?

It is not possible to moderate responses from a word cloud, although there is a profanity filter integrated into Vevox.

Do you have to use PowerPoint or can you do it with Beamer in LaTeX?

Vevox only provides support for PowerPoint, but you can present outside of PowerPoint using the presentation option in the Vevox dashboard. 

Can you use Vevox questions within Learn?

Students can quickly access Vevox via the MyL'boro app and don't need to go into Learn to partcipate in polls. You could consider posting questions to the forum in your Learn module prior to a poll to stimulate discussion, but they cannot be embedded within Learn automatically. 

Can you filter questions by number of 'likes'?

Yes, there is a filter on the dashboard page https://lboro.dashboard.vevox.com/ where you can order questions by the number of the likes a question has received. 

How do you make the session inclusive to those who may not be able to participate?

Not everyone may be able to partcipate in a poll, but there are lots of other ways to engage in the discussion. We often recommend sharing a device between a pair or group of users or suggest that students write their answers down and compare it to the on screen results for reflection. 

Could this be used for distance learning e.g. while live streaming an event?

Yes, you could run a Vevox poll remotely by providing the instructions and meeting ID online.