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Module feedback system

  • We undertook a review of module feedback system

Module Feedback is part of the University's continuing process of evaluating and improving the quality of its programmes.  It is an online survey process that enables staff to gain feedback at a modular level.   Responses are used in conjunction with information derived from other sources (e.g. External Examiner reports; the National Student Survey; the outcomes of internal and external reviews) to monitor and enhance programme structures, curriculum content, teaching and assessment.  

This page provides guidance and information to support you with the module feedback process in accordance with the University’s Code of Practice on Student Module Feedback. Please note that the University’s Code of Practice on Student Module Feedback is currently under review. 

The Module Feedback System and Process

In the past, the Module Feedback system involved the distribution, collection and collation of paper-based OMR read forms, which resulted in long delays in feeding back results to Schools and therefore students.

To mitigate delays, the University started using Learn as a pilot for online module feedback in Semester 2 2015/16 and has continued with the pilot for the last 3 years. Whilst the pilot helped to clarify the requirements for an online system, it has highlighted that Learn is not fit for purpose.

Current developments:
The establishment of a Student Surveys Working Group has meant that the current question set is being reviewed in preparation for next academic year and it is envisaged that there will be a specific online module feedback system in place for 2018/19.

Who can I speak to about Module Feedback
If you have any queries relating to the operation of online Module Feedback, please contact studentsurveys@lboro.ac.uk.