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Policy on the Use of Learn

  • The Learn policy contains a set of principles to ensure consistency in how Learn is used by both staff and students.

What is the aim of the policy?

The aim of this policy is to outline a set of principles so that students can understand what they can expect of staff in terms of their use of Learn, and what is expected of them in return.

The principles outlined should ensure consistency in the use of Learn, enabling students across all programmes to have access to a similar range of information and resources to support their learning within modules and at programme-level, whilst recognising that staff have differing teaching styles and methods and that resources that are provided in one module may well not be appropriate for provision in a different module. Each module is co-ordinated and kept up-to-date by the Module Leader, in conjunction with other contributing staff. Support for staff in working to these principles is available from a variety of sources, including the Centre for Academic Practice.

How has the policy been developed?

The Learn (VLE) Strategy and Development Group (established in January 2018 following a recommendation from the ‘Teaching & Learning Technologies High‐Level Review’) felt that it was important to have an understanding of what is important for different Schools with regards to the use of Learn. This is currently outlined in School‐level Learn Policies and it was felt that the time was right to revisit these policies.

The existing policies were reviewed to explore the consistent features and variations between them, with a view to developing a new University‐wide policy on the use of Learn. Draft versions of a new policy were presented to the Group on 3rd and 31st May for discussion, bringing together many of the features of the previous School‐level policies. 

The full policy can be downloaded from the link below.