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Policy on Anonymous Submission and Marking of Coursework

  • The aim of this policy is to ensure continued fairness to students and develop procedures for submitting and marking coursework anonymously

What is the aim of the policy?

The aim of this policy is to ensure continued fairness to students while contributing to the Access and Participation Plan, and the University’s Diversity and Inclusion objectives. The policy requires that, where appropriate, coursework is submitted and marked anonymously, and it lays out the procedures for submitting and marking anonymously using the Learn Assignment, Turnitin Feedback Studio and Coursework activities on Learn.

Further details on the policy can be found in section 12.2 Marking of Assessment of the Academic Quality Procedures Handbook.

How has the policy been developed?

Following the submission and review of an anonymous submission and marking paper to Learning and Teaching Committe, Registry, Centre for Academic Practice and ITS have worked closely with School administration teams to deliver and implement proceedures across the University that bring this work together with that of the Coursework Scheduling Working Group. As part of this process, the working group brought in the experience of School colleagues who have already adopted anonymous marking and feedback as standard practice. 

What guidance is available to staff?

A comprehensive and searchable online guide to anonymous submission and marking has been developed for academic staff - http://tel.lboro.ac.uk/coursework/academic/

There is also a dedicated guide for admin staff to assist with the creation of assessment points, creating groups and managing student queries - http://tel.lboro.ac.uk/coursework/admin/ 

What guidance is available to students?

Guidance has been developed for students to instruct them in the use of the Timeline function in Learn and how to submit their coursework in a manner that ensures it is anonymous. The guide can be accessed via the following link: http://tel.lboro.ac.uk/coursework/student/