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Past Projects

Tablets in Learning and Teaching (TiLT)

  • Tablets available for teaching purposes
  • Current

Over the years, the use of tablets in an education setting has increased dramatically. So in 2012 five iPads and a Google Nexus were purchased by the department to loan to various academics to explore the use of tablets in a teaching and learning environment over the course of an academic year. Some of these finding are given in case studies below.

For the academic year 2014/15, these devices will be given out on loan basis again to academic staff who are able to make best use of them. We encourage staff to submit their proposal using the form below, we are looking for propsals which can address the following:

  • How the iPads can increase staff and student engagement
  • How the iPads impact on teaching, learning and assessment
  • How the iPads enhance group work and collaborative learning activities
  • How useful are the educational apps on offer at the App Store

Case Studies

  • for marking and feedback. For example
    • using the GradeMark app to annotate student's work
    • using recording apps to provide audio/video feedback
  • for presenting. For example
  • for the creation of content. For example
    • using ebook creator apps to create module handbooks and/or other resources
    • using the 'Explain Everything' app to record presentations, voiceovers, annotations
    • using the 'Skitch' app to annotate images

Expectations of Participants

As part of the project, we will be asking successful applicants to commit to the following:

  • Regular updates on the use of the tablet in the form of blog posts, Learn discussion forums and video case studies when appropriate
  • Participation in workshops (formal and/or informal lunchtime sessions) to disseminate findings and sharing of practice
  • Identifying and examining specific teaching practices and related "apps" that support student engagement in a module