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18 Nov 2014

Utilising iPad's in Geography field work

Last week (12/11/14) Professor Jo Bullard delivered a well-attended presentation outlining how the Department of Geography are utilising iPad’s in their field work. Students were issued tablets from the Departments own provision and asked to collect microclimate data around Thorpe Cloud using FieldGB, a mobile mapping app developed by EDINA. FieldGB adds date and time stamps to each data point, along with measurements of latitude, longitude and altitude so that it can be accurately placed on a map. Vaavud wind meters allowed students to not only take notes and pictures using this method but also measure wind speed at each location. Following collection data was uploaded into a shared Dropbox and collated into a formatted spreadsheet for analysis. Student feedback was positive, with the iPad’s usability making data collection straightforward.

If you’re interested in integrating tablets into your teaching you may wish to consider CAP’s Tablets in Learning and Teaching (TiLT) initiative. For further information contact CAP’s Online Learning Support Officer Farzana Khandia.