Centre for Academic Practice


21 March 2018

Engaging Learning with Large Classes/Lectures

  • 10 to 4pm
  • Wavy Top WAV.0.36

About this event

Lectures and large group teaching does not have to be didactic, boring or monotonous for the students or the lecturer!

In this session we will explore how students being taught in large groups can experience `personalised' learning. We will identify ways in which lecturers can be participatory and active, tailored to the individual style and personality of the academic involved.

Together we will explore available technologies like text walls, Twitter feeds, keypads, tablets, visualizers and glassboards. We will develop methods and techniques around questioning and feedback to resolve some of the issues which arise in large group teaching.

All participants should bring reflective notes of large sessions they have been to which were effective in engaging learning, and those which were not.

Also if possible, bring to the session a session plan for a session they have delivered or are planning to deliver.