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Cafe 641 Convenient - you don't have to carry cash
Cayley Dining Hall Flexible - use at your convenience
EHB Available all year round - upload cash at your convenience
David Collett Dining Hall A great deal - Get 10% discount on all food & drink items in Taste Bars and Cafes on campus

Cash+ is available to all staff and students.

Upload cash onto your ID card to spend on food and beverage purchases in any Campus Living outlet (including the dining rooms).


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Frequently asked questions

  1. How does it work?

    You decide how much cash to put on your ID card. You can do this online or at the Parcels and Card office (Herbert Manzoni building).

  2. How can I load cash onto my ID card?

    Cash can be uploaded online via the campus card cashless portal or call into the Parcels and Card office in the Herbert Manzoni building during office hours.

  3. Who can put the cash onto your card?

    Cash can be loaded on by the card holder or by parents (for students) if you apply online or they are present with the person when they call into the card office. (eg parent with student).

  4. How long will it take for funds to go onto the card?

    If the transaction is done at the card issuing desk, the cash will go straight onto your card, if purchased online please allow 2 hours for the transaction to be processed. If there are any problems processing your online transaction (which may occur with some card payments) it will be the next working day before your transaction can be processed. Once your online transaction has been completed you will need to download the funds onto your card which can be done at any of the following locations:

    • Edward Herbert Bar (EHB)
    • EHB Shop
    • Village Bar
    • Wolfson Shop
    • Sir David Davies Cafe
    • Design School Shop
    • Library Shop
    • Library Cafe
    • Martin Hall cafe
    • James France Shop
    • Holywell Park cafe
    • Sport Park cafe
    • West Park cafe

    Please note that not all funds will be downloaded at once, your card will hold a maximum of £10 and will be topped up once it drops below £5.

  5. What can you buy with cash+

    cash+ is a convenient way to buy food and drinks, and other useful items at any of the campus outlets or shops (excludes Student Union / shops), also in student dining halls.

  6. How much cash can I put on my card?

    The maximum amount is £90.00.

    The minimum amount is £10.00.

    There are no hidden other costs.

  7. Where can I use cash+

    In any Campus catering outlets and shops (excludes Student Union), also in any student hall dining room.

  8. What happens if I lose my ID card?

    You must call in person into the Parcels and Card office (Herbert Manzoni building) during office hours who will arrange to issue a new card, and transfer any monies outstanding on the old card to the new card. There is a charge of £7.80 for a lost or damaged card.

    Take care of your card, it is your responsibility not the University's.

    You can also hotlist your card via the online campus card cashless portal which will prevent anyone else using the funds on your card until it can be replaced. You must however still formally report it as being lost as hotlisting your card will not prevent it being used for access.

  9. What happens if the card is damaged and can't be processed at the till?

    If this happens, our staff will be unable to complete the transaction. You will have to pay by other means and call into the Parcels and Card office (Herbert Manzoni Building) during office hours for a new card.

  10. Fraud & security

    As the cash is loaded onto your ID card, it is your responsibility to make sure you have an up to date photograph, a photo match will be checked when cards are used. If staff are unable to identify the holder with the photograph they may ask for alternative ID. They have the right to refuse to continue the transaction and take the card details.

    The card must be used by the holder and is not transferrable. Monies on the card are not transferrable to other individuals or third parties and cannot be exchanged for cash. Any misuse of the card may result in disciplinary action and if necessary involve University Security and the Police.

  11. How long is cash+ available?

    cash+ can be used all year round to suit yourself. At certain times of the year some of the outlets may not be open or offer a reduced service but you can still use cash+ and take advantage of any of our meal deals or promotions.

    The cash+ scheme will be reviewed on an annual basis. The University reserves the right to terminate or suspend the operation of cash+ for any reason at any time.

  12. What happens if the cash+ scheme is terminated?

    A full refund of any unspent funds will be returned to cash+ users.

  13. Can I withdraw from cash+?

    Anyone using cash+ may withdraw from the scheme at any time. This has to be done in person by calling into the Herbert Manzoni Building.

    On withdrawal the user must specify if they require a refund. If a refund isn't requested it will be assumed remaining funds on the card will be used up by the cardholder. Note there will be an administration charge of £10.00. Refunds will be repaid straight away via the last method of payment.

    Refunds will not be automatically refunded if the cardholder leaves the University.

  14. Inactive accounts

    Any accounts found to be inactive for more than 18 months will be closed. Refunds can be arranged on request.

  15. How do I know how much money I have left on my card?

    You can check the balance at any till point by asking a member of staff.

    The amount left on the card is displayed on the card reader.

  16. What happens if I don't have enough on my cash+ account when I make my purchases?

    You can top your amount up with cash or use your debit/visa card. Then top up your card later online or by calling into the card office.

Any further questions on cash+

If you require any further assistance or clarification on the cash+ scheme please contact:

Email: campus.card.desk@lboro.ac.uk
Tel: 01509 228512

Any feedback?

Going cashless can be convenient for staff and students. It can also help the University to make savings on administration costs as less cash is handled. The more users there are, the more savings Campus Living can offer to the scheme and the cash+ promotions.

We welcome any feedback you may have on the scheme campuslivingcustomer@lboro.ac.uk  or call 01509 222257
Feedback on any aspect of local food service should be directed to the manager of that area or you can contact us at campuslivingcustomer@lboro.ac.uk or in person to the Customer Services team based at the Student Accommodation Centre.

The small print

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