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Urgent – All Landlords – New Licensing rules affecting you!

Make yourselves aware of the new licensing rules being introduced by Charnwood Borough Council

The Council are finalising plans to introduce two licensing schemes:

Additional Licensing Scheme – The scheme will cover all HMOs of any size building, occupied by three or four unrelated persons and all Section 257 Houses in Multiple Occupation (buildings converted into self-contained flats) where the building is wholly occupied by tenants.

Selective Licensing Scheme -This will affect all landlords with any privately rented properties in the Hastings Ward and Lemyngton Ward of Charnwood.

Click on the links below for a map showing where these wards are:

Lemyngton Ward -

Hastings Ward -

To find out if your properties fall within one of these wards visit

These schemes will be introduced in April 2021 so it is important that you are aware of what your obligations are.

Additional Licensing

The Council is currently holding a consultation on the Licensing conditions for the borough-wide Additional Licensing Scheme for Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO)

Information about this scheme can be found on the Council’s website

Take some time to read:

Draft HMO Licensing policy - August 2020

Additional Licensing Scheme Conditions - January 2021

Selective Licensing

The Council is consulting on the Licensing Conditions for the Selective Licensing Scheme in Hastings and Lemyngton wards which will be implemented following Secretary of State approval.

Information about this scheme can be found on the Council’s website

Take some time to read:

Selective Licensing Scheme Conditions - January 2021


Property photographs for advertisement

The website can display numerous photos and we would strongly recommend that you take full advantage of this. These can easily be uploaded yourself but please feel free to supply us with external and internal photographs by e-mail

Safety certificates

The dates of your gas and electricity safety inspections appear on your advertisement. Once these dates expire your advert will no longer appear on the website. It is your responsibility to provide us with copies of the current certificates in order for these dates to be updated. You will be sent automatic alerts to your landlords portal directly from Studentpad 21 days before the certificates are due to expire. You can upload these documents directly to Studentpad if you would prefer.

Continuity of advertising

Your advertisement will run continuously until 30 November unless you remove it yourself, advise us that the property is let or if any of your certificates have expired. To avoid you receiving unnecessary telephone calls and to preserve the integrity of the website, remove your advert as soon as the property has been let. We are happy to make any changes for you. Please email your requests.

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