Frequently asked questions

Hall bedrooms

What are damage charges?

Students will be charged for any damage that they cause in their room or hall. Full lists of charges are available but there may be some variation between halls due to the different types of buildings and contents within each. Digital photo evidence of any damages may be obtained by hall staff. On arrival in hall you will be invited to complete an online room inventory form in order for us to agree the standard of your room at the start of your stay.

For further information please refer to Clauses 13-16 of the Halls of Residence Licence Terms and Conditions.

Vacating your room at the end of your Licence:

Following your departure, your room will be checked and audited. To help you avoid unnecessary charges for damages or additional cleaning, please ensure that your room and kitchen area is clean and clear of any belongings or rubbish.


Are the halls single sex or mixed?

Most halls of residence have mixed flats, but there are some halls which have flats specifically designated for males and females.

Can I have guests to stay in my room?

You are unable to have guests stay in your room without prior consent from the University.  Permission will not be granted for frequent requests.

Should I bring a TV, and do I need a TV licence for my room?

There is limited TV reception in halls due to surrounding geography. For this reason we strongly recommend you do not bring a TV and suggest that you use the online catchup options - 4oD, iPlayer etc. Please bear in mind TV licencing requirements.

If you intend to watch or record live television broadcasts on your pc or laptop, you should ensure that you have a valid UK television licence. Your parents/guardians licence will not cover you in halls.

For further information about who requires a licence and how to apply please visit TV Licensing or contact 0300 790 6090.

It may be possible to claim a partial refund for the Summer holiday period.

The maximum fine is £1000 for not having a licence.

How do I connect my computer to the campus network?

All University Halls are networked via HallNet. The charge for internet is included in your room hall fees.

We suggest you use the University printers, the cost per page is kept to an absolute minimum, and it works out significantly cheaper than having to buy paper, cartridges and a printer. Print credits can be bought online.

You can set up these printers on your computer and collect your printing from a large number of locations on campus. Please see the following links.

The Campus Network is operated by the University IT Services. Click here for the latest information or for free IT Support, drop into the PC Clinic in the Library, or contact the IT Service Desk on 01509 222333.

How long can I occupy my room?

The length of contract does vary between halls. The let length for each hall can be found on the Hall Fees document and the Halls of residence web pages.

Undergraduate Students:

  • 39 week let: available during term time and both Christmas & Easter vacations.
  • 41 week let: as per 39 week let, with extra weeks at the end of Summer term.

Postgraduate Students:

  • 50 week let: covering all vacations.

All of our let lengths incorporate at least one extra week at the end of the academic year for students to relax and enjoy time with their friends without the pressure of work and exams.

How many people share a bathroom?

This varies within each Hall but on average, approximately 4 - 9 students will share a bathroom.

If you have a shared en-suite or a twin bedroom, the bathroom will be shared with one other student only of the same sex. If you have an ensuite room, this will only be accessible by you.

How will I be billed for my room?

When you arrive at Loughborough University you will automatically have a student account in place. This is linked to your registration number which you’ll receive when your place to study is confirmed. This is not the same as a bank account.

All charges such as hall fees, tuition fees and fines are billed to this account. The University charges accommodation fees on a termly basis and you will receive 3 statements throughout each year. The University welcomes you (or your parents/guardians) to set up a direct debit to cover any of the fees you will incur. Alternatively, payments can be made online or in person at the Finance Office located in the Rutland Building.

For details of payment dates for the current academic year, please visit the Finance Department website.

If I am in a catered hall, how can I prepare a light snack?

In catered halls offering 19 meals a week, communal kitchens have a kettle, toaster and a microwave.
In catered halls offering 15 meals a week, communal kitchens have a kettle, toaster, microwave and induction hob.
In catered halls offering 10 meals a week, communal kitchens include full cooking facilities (Elvyn Richards).
In catered halls offering 10 meals a week, communal kitchens have a kettle, toaster, microwave and induction hob (David Collett).

Can I bring my bicycle?

Our Halls of Residence have bike sheds to enable you to store your bikes securely. We recommend that you have a very good bike lock (these can be purchased from Security or unicylce) and do not recommend that you bring an expensive bike to University.

Bikes are not allowed in any residential buildings, with the exception of those students who are members of the Loughborough Students Cycling Club (your bike must be stored in a cycle bag before entering the building).

The University campus is extremely busy with all types of traffic, therefore the University insists that bikes ridden on campus are fitted with working lights.

The University block insurance will cover your bicycle for damage or theft (up to a limit of £500) if stored in designated secure storage on campus only.

For further details on hall block insurance cover, please refer to our FAQ - Will I need to arrange insurance for my belongings in my room?

What is provided in my room?

All hall bedrooms have the same standard furnishings. You will have a bed, study desk, chair, wardrobe, drawers, shelving, desk lamp and curtains. These furnishings may not be removed at anytime from your room.

Suggest items to bring:

  • Pillowcases, sheets and duvet with covers.
  • Towels and tea towels.
  • Coat hangers
  • Crockery and cutlery
  • Start up groceries.
  • Cooking utensils and saucepans (self catered halls).

Starter Packs can be purchased in advance and will be available on your arrival.

Will I need to arrange insurance for my belongings in my room?

University owned halls 

We have provided Possessions Insurance for the duration of your stay within University accommodation through Endsleigh Insurance. This covers a range of belongings within your room, including sports and electrical equipment, bicycles (theft and damage from designated cycle storage - on campus only), clothes and frozen food.

The student room insurance provides cover for some of the items in your room for theft, fire and flood risk. To check what is covered, just view Details of Insurance cover - University

Unite owned halls (Harry French, The Holt, William Morris)

Unite have provided Possessions Insurance for the duration of your stay in Harry French, The Holt amd William Morris accommodation through Endsleigh Insurance. This covers a range of belongings within your room, including sports and electrical equipment, clothes and frozen food.

The student room insurance provides cover for some of the items in your room for theft, fire and flood risk. To check what is covered, just view Details of Insurance cover - Unite


Security Matters - Find out how to keep yourself and your possessions safe.

Will my room be safe and secure?

The University has a Security department which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Security staff regularly patrol the campus and surrounding halls.

Our Halls of residence have secure windows and doors and access to buildings is by key/keypad or swipe card access, but it is your responsibility to keep your room secure.

Never put yourself in danger, if you feel someone's behaviour is suspicious contact Security on 01509 222141.

Am I allowed to smoke in my room?

No, we do not permit smoking in any of the residential areas. Please refer to Clause 21.19 of the Licence Terms and Conditions.

Where staff or students smoke outside they:

  • Must not smoke close to doors, windows or air inlets where smoke may be sucked into the building. A distance of 3m from openings is considered to be a reasonable distance to prevent smoke drifting inside the building.
  • Must observe NO SMOKING signs or hazard warning

It is the policy of the University to comply with the relevant legislation regarding smoking; to take additional measures to protect staff, students and visitors from exposure to second hand smoke. 

What happens in the event of a fire?

At Loughborough we take fire safety very seriously. Our buildings have been designed for your safety and we have our own dedicated Fire Officer whose role is to continually monitor and improve the fire standards across our campuses. We seek to go beyond Fire Safety Regulations, we have strict safety procedures in place and meet, and in some cases exceed, the statutory requirements.

We have comprehensive fire detection systems throughout our halls of residences, both in bedrooms and throughout the stairs, corridors and critical space, which gives us early warning of any issues. The fire detection system trigger alarms locally, in some halls via pagers for an immediate response from local trained staff and directly to our Security team.

We also don’t just rely on technology, in the event of an alarm our trained wardens and sub-wardens who live in the building will act quickly to investigate and deal with issues. This is backed up by our experienced Security team.

It is also our policy to evacuate the whole building immediately and make sure that everyone is safe. If you have concerns please do not hesitate to speak to a member of our Health and Safety team.