2 Dec 2019

Current students - accommodation options for 2020-21

Current Students - Where will I live next year?

Continue the Loughborough Experience in University Halls?

A third of University Hall rooms are available for returning students.  It’s easy to apply – just register a preference for a room online from:

10:00 on Monday 2 December 2019 until 12 noon on Friday 7 February 2020

Please note:

  • Applications are not on a 'first come' basis - remember to apply using the 2020-21 application tab!
  • You will not be able to reserve your room online - you will be asked to register 3 preferences for accommodation, offers will then be sent via email by the end of March.  
  • Wardens will usually give first priority to their current hall students, if you wish to be considered for an alternative hall you are advised to email the relevant Warden (contact details are on the hall page).
  • Further information on re-applying to hall.

Prefer to live off campus?

The University’s website is the best place to start looking for off campus accommodation.   All properties are advertised on Studentpad

Our 2020-21 advertising opened on Monday 2 December.

The houses AND the landlords are quality checked - you can avoid a lot of hassle and potential problems by using us in your search for a new home.

  • A large range of University approved and graded properties – all Landlords accredited by DASH Landlord Accreditation Scheme
  • Over 90% of properties within 15 minutes’ walk of the campus
  • Peace of mind – support and advice from the Campus Services Accommodation Team
  • On campus office located on University Road – call in and see us

Our advice is not to sign a contract until after your January exams!

Food for thought……

Each year many students come to the University Student Advice and Support or the Accommodation Centre for help with getting out of a housing contract that they no longer want.

Most of these enquiries are from students that had rushed / jumped / been pressured / bullied into signing a contract way too early (sometimes within fresher’s week, or their first weeks of university studies!!).

Signing too early has a very real potential for causing a number of dilemmas;

  • Sign for an accommodation that you cannot afford
  • Joining with a group of “friends” that later become your worst enemies
  • Sign a room and later decide that you don’t wish to continue your studies / or attend a different uni.
  • Booking an accommodation that is in a terrible condition when you go to move in, despite looking fine when you viewed it (10 months earlier!)

Many agents in town are targeting students to ‘sign up now’.  Don’t feel pressured into making a rush decision, there is plenty of accommodation available in Loughborough. The longer you leave it - the more chance you have to negotiate a deal and avoid paying Summer rent! The best bargains are often to be had by waiting until later in the year!  #DontRentYet

The Student Accommodation Centre will help you find accommodation, be it halls or a house, that is right for you!

Prospective Students

If you choose Loughborough as your Firm choice University, you will be able to apply for Halls accommodation from May 2020. More information.