10 Jun 2020

Covid-19 Information – Latest Update for Current students

In line with Government policy, the University moved to restricted Campus operations from 20 March. Around 500 students have remained on Campus throughout the lockdown and others have travelled home.

The Government is relaxing some of the lockdown restrictions. This is happening in a controlled way and introduces further rules to ensure the safety of individuals as we move into the next phase of coping with the pandemic. The Government are warning people to ‘Stay Alert’ to control the spread of the virus and to observe social distancing guidelines.

This situation is complex and has demanded a significant amount of planning to ensure that the University is in the best possible position to meet the needs of our students and respond quickly to the latest Government announcements during this unprecedented time. 

We would like to update you on your options regarding your contract for your room in our Halls of Residence.

  • For students who have remained living in Halls of Residence and unable to return home, summer vacation accommodation will be available for you if required at the end of your contractual agreement. This accommodation will be available on campus in a designated Hall of Residence. No one will be able to stay on in their current room past the end of their accommodation contract.

    More information will follow as to how you can apply for summer vacation accommodation.

  • If you are currently living away from campus and do not intend to return, you must make sure that your room key has been returned, and that all your belongings have been removed from your room, and any communal areas including bike stores. There is no option to leave belonging in your room past the end of your accommodation contract date. We have now set up a system for booking time slots to collect belongings more information relating to how this is operating can be found on our Current students Covid–19 information webpage

We have created a specific Covid-19 information webpage on our Current student page to give you all the latest information regarding your University accommodation and details of any actions you need to take.