20 Apr 2020

Coronavirus information - Summer Term rents

In line with Government policy, the University moved to restricted Campus operations from 20 March. Around 1,000 students have remained on Campus throughout the lockdown and others have travelled home.

The Government has said that it is still too early to say when the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions will end. This means that the ‘Stay at Home’ measures will remain in force and will be revised once the peak of the virus has been reached.

This situation is complex and has demanded a significant amount of planning over the last few weeks to ensure that the University is in the best possible position to meet the needs of our students and respond quickly to the latest government announcements during this unprecedented time. 

We are now in the position to update you on your options regarding your contract for your room in our Halls of Residence.

  • We would like to offer reassurance that our accommodation will remain open throughout, if you are still living in our halls accommodation you can continue to do so. 

  • If you are currently living away from campus you may return to your room once travel restrictions are lifted and resume your stay until the end of your contract.  Alternatively, you may choose NOT to return to hall, you can request a release from your contract for the whole of the Summer Term.

Please refer to the information on our webpage for further details on any action you need to take.