26 Sep 2020

Arrival guidance and information

Guidance for students arriving on campus

The University has put a number of measures in place to ensure you have a safe and welcoming arrival to campus. We ask that you read the following guidance carefully and follow all instructions in this document.  You will need to book a time slot prior to arriving. 

You should not attend site if you or anyone in your household has COVID-19 symptoms or you are self-isolating.

When you arrive on campus

When you arrive on campus, you will be directed to your hall of residence (From this point onwards we ask that you wear a face covering). One person from your household may accompany you onto campus.

You will then be guided to your key collection point, only you will be allowed to queue to collect your keys.   You will then be directed to your hall block to begin moving your items into your room.

Fresher arrival days only - We will have team members located at each hall location where we will take your temperature. 

Returning students and those arriving outside of your hall arrival day, your temperature will be tested at the Hall Reception.

Temperature Checks

When you have your temperature taken and the machine shows this is normal, you will be asked to take a photo of your temperature which you need to present to the staff at the key collection point.

If the machine shows you have a high temperature, you will be asked to wait for a short time frame before taking the test again. If your temperature is continuing to show a high range, you will be advised by a team member on the next steps.

Where possible, we would advise you to test your temperature prior to coming onto campus.

Moving into your room

Once you have collected your room key, you will be directed to your block where you can begin to unload your vehicle. We will allow you 30 minutes to unload your items into your room. When you have unloaded, the person assisting you must leave the university. Unfortunately, this is a measure we are required to take to ensure a safe arrival process.

We would ask that during the 30 minute timeframe, you only unload your belongings from your vehicle into your room. You can begin to unpack your items properly after this period.

Key points to remember

  • You will need to book a time slot prior to arriving
  • Please wear a face covering throughout the move in process
  • Only one person may arrive on campus with you to assist in moving your belongings
  • You have 30 minutes from collecting your key to unload your belongings
  • Ensure you remain 2 metres from anyone outside your household

Please see our FAQ Arrivals and Vacations for further arrivals information.

First year students information

It's almost time for us to welcome you to Loughborough! You should now have completed your induction and booked your arrival slot, and can collect the keys to your new home soon.

Your hall arrival day can be found on our moving in page.  Please aim to arrive on your arrival day during your time slot.  If you have planned to arrive on a later date please ensure you have booked the relevant arrival slot and let us know to ensure your room is held for you.  

We hope you have started to pack, but please take a few minutes to look at our moving in page for details on your room and other useful information including what to bring, post, starter packs and room insurance as well as further information about your arrival. Also check out our Hall Meal Saver discounted package and Reward Club Loyalty Offer to use in in our dining halls and retail outlets.

Please familiarise yourself with the halls pages.  You will find details about your committee and the all-important freshers events on your own hall website.

Don't forget to go online to pay your hall subs via the Student Union halls page - these go towards hall events for the entire year including sports, socials and trips.

On your arrival you will find a Welcome Pack in your room containing lots of useful information regarding your hall and the campus.

Enjoy making new friends by getting involved in hall life!  We look forward to meeting you.

Stay connected with everything happening on campus:



Returning students

For students returning into University Halls, your licence contracts will start from Saturday 3 October 2020.

Your are also able to arrive on Sunday 4 October if you prefer.

If you are in a catered hall, your dining package will be re-loaded onto your ID card.

We look forward to welcoming you back at Loughborough.