26 Sep 2020

Are you required to self-isolate in your accommodation on arrival on Campus?

Self-isolation Accommodation (Loughborough campus)

Students arriving at the UK from certain countries are required to Self-isolate on arrival into the UK. For students this means you will be asked to stay in your room for a period of 14 days.

If you are arriving from a country that is included here you will not be required to self-isolate. All other students will be required to self-isolate for a period of 14 days.

If you have been contracted to a room in University accommodation you will be able to apply for a self-isolation room on campus.  This may be in a temporary room (or a room in a University hotel) or your contracted room if you can enter the premises early. You will be contacted with further details in due course. 

If you need to self-isolate, new students should aim to arrive during week commencing Monday 7th September. There are a number of Heathrow Airport coach collection dates available free of charge during this week to transport you to the Loughborough campus.  If you are experiencing delays in arriving onto campus, we will try our best to be as flexible with your accommodation start date. There are two additional Heathrow Coach Collection dates available free of charge on Wednesday 16th September and Wednesday 23rd September.

If you would prefer or are able to isolate elsewhere prior to moving into your University accommodation, you are able to do this, however you need to email us with flight evidence of when you arrive in the UK and confirm the address that you would be staying at for the 14 day isolation period.

Self-isolation FAQs (Loughborough campus)

Request for self-isolation accommodation

You can only complete this form if you have accepted a contract for a room in University Halls of residence for 2020-21 and are required to self-isolate on arrival. 

You MUST have arranged your transport to England and be able to provide us with confirmation of your date of arrival at Loughborough.  You must tell us at least 7 days before you are due to arrive in the UK of the date, time and location of your arrival in the UK.

All new students can apply for a self-isolation room from Monday 7 September.  Returning students can arrive from Monday 14 September (Committee members can arrive from 7 September). 

If you are arriving more than 2 weeks prior to the fresher arrival date for your contracted hall (26 to 30 September), you will be charged a subsidised fee at a rate of £105 per week including food provision, for the period of your self-isolation.  If your self-isolation period ends before your hall arrival date, you will be moved to your permanent contracted room, however the fees for your room will not start until your arrival date.  If you are arriving less than 2 weeks prior to the fresher arrival date for your contracted hall (26 to 30 September), you will be charged a subsidised fee at a rate of £105 per week (£15 per night) including food provision for the period prior to your fresher arrival date (a minimum £15 per night charge will apply for your self-isolation period). Charges will be added to your Hall fees, payable with your first term instalment.

Please note: you are required to provide your own bedding, You can pre-order some of the essentials you need for moving in so they are ready for you when you arrive. For more information, please visit the Accommodation website for details on how to purchase a starter packs and have this delivered prior to your arrival.  If you are arrving between 7 - 14 September 2020, please enter Elvyn Richards Hall as your delivery address for your starter pack.  For arrivals after 14 September, you should select the delivery address as the Hall on Residence on your accommodation contract.

Request for self-isolation accommodation form

Once you have completed this form you will be sent a confirmation email to confirm your booking plus further details on the self-isolation process.