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28 Sep 2017

Dr Mark Elsegood selected as finalist for "Eerie Green Glow" - People's Choice online vote is open

Dr Elsegood's photo taken at the ALS synchotron in Berkeley
Dr Elsegood's photo taken at the ALS synchotron in Berkeley

A photograph taken by Dr Mark Elsegood of the Department of Chemistry has been selected as a finalist in the Advanced Light Source (ALS) 'Science As Art' competition.

Based in Berkeley, California, the ALS is a specialised particle accelerator that generates bright beams of x-ray light for scientific research. The aim of the Science As Art competition is demonstrate the aesthetic side of ALS data and instrumentation. 

Dr Elsegood, a Senior Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry and manager of the single crystal X-ray diffraction laboratory at Loughborough, took his shortlisted photograph at a visit to the major international facility.

The finalists will be showcased during the ALS User Meeting poster session on 2nd October and voted on by User Meeting attendees. The winners will be announced at the User Meeting awards dinner on 3rd October and will have the honor of having their art displayed at the ALS and in promotional materials.

In addition, there is a People's Choice vote online.  We encourage staff and students to have a look at the finalists' images and register their votes.

You can see the other entries and vote at: