School of Science


22 Sep 2016

Physics to host focus workshop on Monday 26 September

On Monday 26 September, the Physics Department will host a focus workshop, during which a number of talks will be presented on 'Low-Dimensional Strongly Correlated Systems and Quantum Information'.

The event will be held in room W2.19 in the Sir David Davies Building from 9.25am. No booking is required.

Programme of events:


Welcome - by Dr Joseph Betouras & Dr Alexandre Zagoskin

09.30am Andrew Green (UCL) - "The suppression of entanglement, failure of adiabatic computation and emergence of chaos"

Jiannis Pachos (Leeds) “Optimal free models for many-body interacting theories”

10.50am Coffee Break
11.10am Frank Pollmann (Max Planck Inst) “Novel results on spin liquids”

Garry Goldstein (Cambridge)   “d-wave superconductivity in fermion and boson dimer mixtures”

12.20pm Lunch

Peter Mason (Loughborough) “Time-dependent real space RG:Quantum Ising model in 1d”


Alex Shtyk (Harvard) “Ultrasonic attenuation in a pseudogapped superconductor”


Richard Cole (Loughborough) “Entanglement and correlations in three variations of the transverse field Ising model”

3.30pm Coffee Break

Mumnuna Qureshi (Loughborough) “Level dynamics of a non-equilibrium adiabatically evolving system”

4.10pm Victor Jouffrey (Cambridge) “Magnetic relaxation in Spin Ice Material”