School of Science


29 Nov 2016

Loughborough Physics technician awarded professional designation by the Institute of Physics

Kevin Clarke, a physics technician at Loughborough University, is one of two IOP members to have been awarded the professional designation of Registered Science Technician.

Kevin and Adrian Johnson (a physics technician at Diamond Light Source) are the first recipients of the professional designation since the IOP (Institute of Physics) became licensed by the Science Council to award both that and Registered Scientist earlier this year.

The designation of Registered Science Technician, RSciTech, is aimed at those in technical roles delivering scientific services, such as technicians. It may also include those in the early stages of their career, such as apprentices. Registered Scientist, or RSci, is intended for people with a few years’ experience, working in more senior roles and with responsibility for other staff but not yet working at a chartered level.

The Institute’s head of professional recognition and progression, Stephanie Richardson, said: “We are delighted to be able to provide professional recognition for all members of the physics community and look forward to welcoming them into membership.”

To read the full story on the IOP website, click here.