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Profiles in diversity

Dominic Miller - Actuarial Analyst

Loughborough University MMath Mathematics graduate Dominic Miller describes his journey in this video for Black Excellence UK.


MSc Analytical and Pharmaceutical Science student Sam Oladunjoye shares his experiences.


Computer Science and Maths student Jeff shares his experiences.


Rhush talks about his experiences as a Chemistry PhD student at Loughborough University.


MPhys Physics student Emma reflects on her time at Loughborough.

Faces of Women in Mathematics

2018 saw the release of "Faces of Women in Mathematics", a short film created by Loughborough University mathematician Dr Eugénie Hunsicker and her filmmaker sister to celebrate International Women’s Day 2018.

The 13-minute video comprises 146 clips of 243 women from around the world (representing 36 countries and speaking 31 different languages) stating their name, nationality and that they are a mathematician.

Faces of Women in Mathematics was funded by the International Mathematical Union and on 20 October 2018 it was shown as part of Bloomsbury Festival. You can watch the video below.

"Faces of Women in Mathematics"

This video brings together 243 women from around their world who all share one thing in common: they are mathematicians. The short film was released for International Women's Day 2018.