Start date: October 2017
Primary supervisor: Dr Martin Lindley
Secondary supervisor(s): Dr Matthew Turner (Chemistry) / Dr Neil Martin / Dr Jim Reynolds (Chemistry)

Born in Swansea, Wales, Tom enjoyed a childhood full of activity and sporting enrichment. Whilst completing GCSEs and A-Levels at Bishop Gore Comprehensive School a strong understanding and interest in the sciences developed. Tom took a year out of education to work as a ski instructor (2011) before embarking on his academic trajectory at Loughborough University. After graduating with a BSc in Chemistry and Sport Science (2016) and an MSc in Analytical Chemistry (2017), Tom secured an EPSRC fully-funded PhD studentship with the SSEHS. Outside of academia, Tom plays lacrosse at a University, Club and International level.


Research Title: Muscles to Molecules via Mass Spec

Combining research in cellular biology and exercise physiology, Tom is aiming to apply the separation and identification techniques of Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry, in both qualitative and quantitative analysis, to bridge the divide between these two areas of bioanalysis. Applying the analytical technique of GC-MS to gain an understanding of the molecular changes specific to metabolic pathways during exercise, Tom intends to create a profile of metabolites observed during in vitro experimentation and in vivo exercise with the aim of furthering validation and standardization of breath analysis techniques.

External Activities

  • Tom is on an EPSRC Fully Funded Studentship and is part of the Translational Chemical Biology Group.