Mj Brown

Mj Brown

BSc (Hons)

  • Postgraduate University Teacher (Biochemistry)

Mj graduated with a First-class Honours in Human Biology (BSc) from Loughborough University in July 2017. Upon completing her degree, Mj then worked with a Teacher Training organisation before re-joining Loughborough in January 2018 as a Post-Graduate Teaching Assisting in Biochemistry.

Mj is also a part-time PhD student here at Loughborough, investigating the effects of physical activity on tumour growth and metastasis.

Title: Investigating the effects of physical activity (PA) on the Mesenchymal Stem Cell-driven (MSC) biochemical modulation of tumour metastasis.

Around 90% of cancer-related deaths occur as a result of secondary metastases so understanding drivers and mechanisms behind the metastatic process is of utmost importance. The primary aim of this project is to determine whether the protective effects of PA on tumorigenesis are attributable to the impact of MSCs in the tumour microenvironment.