Dr Craig White


Pronouns: He/him
  • Entrepreneurial Lead (ICURe Explore Programme)

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Dr Craig White is an ESRC Research Fellow at Loughborough University. He is also a military veteran, having served 24 years in the Royal Air Force as a training and education specialist. He undertook a wide range of roles, including a deployment to Afghanistan in 2012 to work with the Afghan National Police. As part of his service, he was seconded to Loughborough University for three years (2017-2020) to undertake a PhD examining the impact of social identity leadership on resilience within the RAF. He completed his PhD in 2020, before returning to regular service. Craig left the RAF in April 2022 on a medical discharge, and is now pursuing a second career in academia.

Dr Craig White is a social psychologist, and his research interests include applied social psychology, resilience, social identity, social identity leadership, health and wellbeing, mental health, military personnel, and veterans. He has published the first of his PhD studies entitled “More positive group memberships are associated with greater resilience in RAF personnel” in the British Journal of Social Psychology. In addition, he founded the Veterans’ Resilience Programme at Loughborough and worked in concert with the Royal Air Forces Association to bid successfully for a grant from the Armed Forces Covenant Trust to fund the delivery of two 5-day residential courses to veterans with mental health and wellbeing issues, to enhance their resilience. The courses took place at Loughborough University in April 2022, with follow-ups taking place in August and September 2022. Dr White’s ESRC Fellowship is intended to continue his work with veterans to enhance their resilience through physical activity and to apply his research to other areas, including elite sport and civilian rehabilitation.

As part of his fellowship, Dr Craig White is exploring the opportunity to commercialise his research and offer resilience programmes to workforces within both the public and private sectors.

Featured publications

White, C.A., Slater, M.J., Turner, M.J. and Barker, J.B. (2021), More positive group memberships are associated with greater resilience in Royal Air Force (RAF) personnel. British Journal  of Social Psychology, 60: 400-428. DOI: 10.1111/bjso.12385