Aron completed an undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise Science at Nottingham Trent University and a master’s degree at Loughborough University in Physical Activity and Health. During this time and beyond, Aron held research, health promotion and teaching roles across a range of sectors.

Aron completed his PhD in sedentary behaviour, physical activity and health in children in 2019 at Loughborough University. He then held a Research Associate post at Loughborough University, funded by Leicester Biomedical Research Centre, managing and supporting lifestyle-related observational and experimental studies in clinical and HGV driver populations.

Aron currently manages an MRC funded sleep management development project in commercial drivers.


  • Surveillance of sleep, physical activity and sedentary behaviour during free living conditions in children and adults, general populations and at-risk occupational groups
  • Relationships between movement behaviours and other lifestyle factors, health and well-being
  • Evaluation of sleep, physical activity and sedentary behaviour interventions


  • The Co-Development of a Comprehensive Sleep Management Programme in Commercial Drivers: MRC Public Health Intervention Development
  • Structured Health Intervention for Truckers (SHIFT): NIHR Public Health Research Programme
  • Impact of Type 2 Diabetes and Exercise on Liver Fat Quality: Diabetes UK, NIHR Nottingham & Leicester BRC
  • Standing Out: Standing Desks Within the Secondary School Classroom: Loughborough University

Featured publications

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