Anastasia graduated in 2014 from the University of Bath with a BSc (Hons) degree in Sport Performance, and continued her studies at the University of Brighton where, in 2015, she received her MA in Sport and Society. In 2020, Anastasia completed her PhD entitled ‘Sink or Swim: The Impact of Having a Child with Olympic Potential on Family Well-being’, which was supervised by Professor Louise Mansfield, Dr Richard Blair and Dr Daniel Rhind. Her PhD research was awarded by the International Olympic Committee with the ‘PhD Students Research Grant Programme, 2018’ and was later selected to be published in the World Olympic Library.

Anastasia joined the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences as a Research Associate, and is currently working as a Graduate University Teacher.

Anastasia’s research has focused on the role of elite sport on athletes’ individual and family wellbeing. She has explored how the culture of sport and the characteristics of the society can be reflected on Cypriot elite swimmers’ and on their families’ wellbeing, and has developed a framework for exploring family wellbeing in the context of elite swimming in Cyprus. Apart from her passion for sport, her research interests extend to issues regarding public health, diversity and equality, and human rights.

Anastasia is a former swimmer of the National Swimming Team of Cyprus and of Team Bath. She currently delivers seminars on safeguarding athletes in sport to sport clubs and also collaborates with Brunel University London on an evaluation of the Team Based Learning approach in education.

Featured publications

ChristoforouA., Rhind, D., Blair, R. & Mansfield, L. (2018). Sink or Swim: The Impact of Having a Child with Olympic Potential on Family Well-BeingOlympic World Library.