Loughborough named in Sport Business top 40

Loughborough University has entered the SportBusiness Postgraduate Course Rankings for the first time.

The rankings are dsigned to "provide students and course leaders alike with the most dependable and reliable ranking system for postgraduate sports management programmes around the world".

Highlighting why Loughborough had been included in the rankings, SportBusiness explained: "Since becoming a university in 1966, Loughborough has become the destination for sport-related education in the UK, where its name is synonymous with the subject, and it has been ranked the best institution in the world for sport-related studies five years in a row by the QS World University Rankings.

"This year, however, marks its first entry into the SportBusiness Postgraduate Course Rankings, where its MSc Sports Management finished 40th overall, cracked the top 20 in Europe and posted a particularly impressive score in the peer review category: a marker of its reputation in the sector among fellow academics and researchers. Having joined the process late in the day, with just a few weeks left for survey submissions, it is an impressive debut performance."

Dr Peter Dickenson, Lecturer in Sport Management, added: "We’re proud of our academic offering, we’re proud to be a leader in the sector and in terms of the academic knowledge we produce and disseminate, the most important thing is that we hope we pass that pride on to our students such that when they do go around the world and start to get into high positions, they remember what they learned from Loughborough and that starts to spread our reputation even further."

To find out more about why Loughborough was selected in the Sport Business top 40 this year, visit the SportBusiness website.