Academic’s work displayed in the Virtual Museum of Human Ecology

Work produced by Loughborough University academic, Dr Inês Varela-Silva, has been displayed in Spain’s Virtual Museum of Human Ecology.

Dr Inês Varela-Silva, Senior Lecturer in Human Biology from the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, contributed with a gallery that has been included in the virtual exhibition titled “The Human life cycle at the dawn of the Anthropocene”.

Within the five galleries of the exhibition, Dr Varela-Silva’s research-based photography project titled “Malnutrition: from under-to-over nutrition”, uses a biocultural approach to study health and nutritional outcomes among families in low- and middle-income countries, mostly in Latin America. The full project can be viewed here.

“The aim of this virtual exhibition is to disseminate the results of our international research, within the context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to which Loughborough University has recently become a signatory,” explained Dr Varela-Silva.

“With this exhibition, we engage with non-academic audiences and the public, in general, to show that anyone can, and should, be involved in the attainment of the SDGs. We are all part of the solution for a better and more sustainable future.”

The Virtual Museum of Human Ecology museum was created by academics at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and now benefits from several high-profile sponsorships, including from the Spanish Government and the world-renowned Prado Museum.