Performance and Injury preventions in other Sports. What could we learn and transfer to Badminton?

Presented By Badmintoo.

In the increasingly competitive world of elite sport, understanding the factors that limit human performance is critical as athletes push their limits to achieve incredible performances that we can only dream of is critical. Over the last 30 years as technology has developed we are now able to quantify, examine, simulate and optimise human performance, this presentation will highlight the factors that limit human performance.

Time-loss injuries have a deleterious effect on an athlete’s development, team performance, and the finances of an individual or Sports Organisation. Therefore it is critical to understand the mechanisms that cause a particular injury, how to identify players at risk of the injury, and how to prevent injuries from occurring. This presentation will highlight the peer-reviewed research which has been used to identify and prevent injuries in athletes.

This webinar will present how science has influenced different sports and what solutions have been created around the area of Performance and Injury prevention.

It will also look at how this could be transferred into Badminton and how goals are related to this.

Webinar agenda: 45 min

  • Performance in Sports
  • Injury prevention in Sports
  • Link to badminton
  • How solves the challenges
  • proposition to Coaches and Scientists
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