Getting into Psychology - online careers event

This event will provide the opportunity to:

  • Hear from psychology professionals
  • Gain an insight into training routes
  • Find out how to gain relevant experience
  • Investigate possible first roles for new graduates

A degree in Psychology opens up a diverse range of career options, but sometimes that makes it challenging to choose the right path. Many Loughborough students aspire to pursue a professional career, either as a qualified psychologist or in other roles supporting people to manage mental health conditions and their psychological wellbeing. Many also want to explore jobs where an understanding of the human mind and behaviours plays a key part in their day to day activities. Whether you have a career path in mind, or haven’t got a clue where Psychology will take you, this event will provide you with insight and advice to support your career planning.

With such varied career options available, it isn’t possible to cover every area in an event like this, but much of the advice for one area also applies to many others in this field.

Once you’ve secured a place, why not take the opportunity to get ahead of the game and do some research online?

Using the following websites should spark ideas and raise questions that you might want to bring with you to the event.

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