How to reshape your bones

  • 20 October 2020
  • 6pm
  • Online

Public lecture series 2020
Lecture to be delivered online. Start time 6.00pm.

Dr Katherine Brooke-Wavell researches the effects of exercise on bone health, with a particular focus on how to reduce risk of osteoporotic fracture. This research makes use of scanning technologies to assess bone mass and shape as well as biochemical markers to assess bone turnover. She is a member of the Royal Osteoporosis Society Exercise Expert group who have recently developed guidance on Exercise and Osteoporosis.

The presentation will explain how bone shape as well as density can affect risk of osteoporotic fracture, how bone size and shape continue to change over the lifecycle and how exercise can affect bone shape. It will also cover how a few hops a day can change your bones!

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