Professor Donald Hirsch

  • School Associate Dean for Enterprise
  • Director, Centre for Research in Social Policy (CRSP)

Donald is a former journalist and international policy consultant, who was Poverty Adviser to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation for the ten years prior to joining CRSP in 2008. He played a central role in establishing A Minimum Income Standard for the United Kingdom, CRSP's ongoing research programme showing what incomes households need for an acceptable standard of living as agreed by members of the public. Since 2012, he has been Director of CRSP, whose strong team of researchers lead the MIS programme and associated projects studying income. Donald plays a prominent national role in commenting on the adequacy of the public welfare system and on poverty trends. Together with his colleagues, he works with a wide range of groups including charities, the Law Society and the Scottish Government to find ways of applying the Minimum Income Standard in social policy and practice.  Drawing on this experience of working with bodies outside academia, he has been Associate Dean for Enterprise since 2019, helping colleagues in social science and the humanities to build such partnerships into their research work.


A Minimum Income Standard for the United Kingdom
(on-going: Joseph Rowntree Foundation)
The Cost of a Child
(on-going: Child Poverty Action Group and Joseph Rowntree Foundation)
Local child poverty indicators
(on-going: End Child Poverty Coalition)
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