Environmental processes and management

We are world leaders in investigating and modelling hydrometeorological, ecological and geomorphological processes, the interactions between these systems and their implications for people and societies.

We investigate the Earth’s environmental systems, their interconnected processes, past histories and possible futures. Work on extreme heat, urban flooding and catastrophe modelling aims to reduce the vulnerability of communities and strengthen the resilience of infrastructure to climate change and increasing hydroclimatic risks.

This work is complemented by the School’s world-leading interdisciplinary research around climate compatible growth and the provision of safe, low-carbon energy alternatives in the Global South. Our fundamental research on freshwater environments, their limnology, ecology and geomorphology is world-leading and emphasises the interactions between biotic and abiotic components for local and global processes, including carbon cycling. We use field monitoring, laboratory experiments and numerical modelling to work on these and other aspects of environmental processes and change, including generation of global dust, Arctic sediment yield, and long-term landscape erosion.

Spotlight on: Previsico

Our world leading flood nowcasting technology and statistical downscaling techniques are being commercialised in a multi-award-winning spinout company – Previsico.  Founded in 2019 by Dapeng Yu and Avi Baruch (2018 PhD graduate), Previsico operates from Loughborough University’s Science and Enterprise Park.

They recently partnered with the Cabinet Office and Airbox Systems to provide surface water flood nowcasting for the new ResilienceDirect mapping platform, and secured a £700k loan from InnovateUK to target the US market.  The success of Previsico was recognised at the 2020 Leicestershire Innovation Awards with awards for Digital Innovation, Technology Innovation, and Innovator of the Year.