Communication and culture

Communication and culture research at Loughborough has a long tradition dating back to the 1980s, and has been widely recognized as world-leading.

The distinctive characteristic of our research is its multi-dimensional, interdisciplinary approach to communication and culture, which ranges from the analysis of the micro-dynamics of interpersonal interaction rooted in social psychology to the study of the macro-dynamics of mediated communication and culture rooted in political science, sociology and geography.

Using this approach, we interrogate the role of communication and culture across several social domains, from politics and economy to memory, nationalism, migration, and health. This approach is reflected in the thematic structure of our research, which includes several broad themes: Language and Social Interaction; Political Communication; Culture, Economy and Policy; Media, Memory and History; Nations and Migration; and Social, Political and Cultural Theory. Our research is organized around the Centre for Research in Communication and Culture, which offers support with event organization, networking and other initiatives. We also benefit from support at university-wide level, through the Communication and Culture Beacon, which acts as a marker of institutional recognition of the excellence of our research.  

Spotlight on: Dr Elliott Hoey

Dr Elliott Hoey will be joining Loughborough's Centre on Research for Communication and Culture in January 2021, where he will work closely with Prof. Ruth Parry on a year-long Fulbright scholarship, while also collaborating with other staff involved in research on Language and Social Interaction. Elliott completed his PhD research at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in the Netherlands, and has recently published a book When Conversation Lapses with Oxford University Press. While at Loughborough, he will research palliative care consultations with an eye toward uncovering how patients, their companions, and medical staff undertake difficult conversations about death and dying.