Art history and visual culture

Leading research on the histories, theories, and critical explanations of the production and reception of visual art and design.

With a broad range of approaches to the study of visual and material cultures from around the world, our research transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries and challenges familiar historical and theoretical frameworks. We are renowned for our interdisciplinary research into histories of art, fashion, transnational feminisms, art markets and museum practices.

Spotlight on: Rethinking the Histories and Legacies of New York Dada

In 2021 Dr Kathryn Brown will host a symposium funded by the Terra Foundation for American Art. Rethinking the Histories and Legacies of New York Dada will draw together a group of international researchers to examine the creative and intellectual distinctiveness of New York Dada and to probe the new idioms and ideas to which it gave rise. Extending the scope of inquiry beyond the familiar range of works and artists, the symposium will consider how Dada radically changed art in America and left an enduring legacy.