School of Social Sciences and Humanities students awarded LU Arts’ Music and Arts Scholarship 2021/22

We are thrilled to announce that Molly Chambers, Elizabeth Eastgate and Muren Lin were all awarded scholarships by the Vice-Chancellor for their remarkable talents and were selected based on their ability, passion, commitment and potential in their chosen art forms.

LU Arts scholarships are open to all Loughborough University students to recognise and develop talent and potential in any artform including music, creative writing, performing arts and visual arts. Each one comes with a cash prize and a package of support worth up to £500 to help develop their talent further.

You can find out more about our 2021/22 scholarship winners below.

Molly Chambers

BSc Geography

Molly first started singing when she was 8 years old when she joined Cantabile Youth Choir and had weekly singing tuition. She is Grade 8 standard and thoroughly enjoys expressing different characters, emotions and languages through her voice. Molly takse any opportunity to sing, and has competed both nationally and internationally, for example participating in ‘The Choir of the Year’ competition, ‘The International Eisteddfod at Llangollen’ and ‘The North Wales Choral’ competitions. She has regularly entered local competitions at annual festivals such as Leicester, Burton-on-Trent, Leamington Spa and Lichfield where she has enjoyed participating against others and receiving positive and constructive feedback.

Molly is a Grade 8 flautist and has achieved highly at piano, having been members of several musical organisations. She has been a member of an orchestra at each school she has attended as well as the Leicestershire County Wind Band for 2 years, after having to audition, travelling abroad to Italy with them for a Summer Tour as well as attending regular concerts.

Since studying at Loughborough University, Molly has been a member of LSU Sing and LSU Classical, joining regular rehearsals, where she enjoys the spirit of sharing and learning from each other’s talents. Her passion now as a scholar is to participate in any opportunity given to her as well as enjoying additional formal training to help her further develop and improve her vocals.


Elizabeth Eastgate

BA English with Digital Humanities

Elizabeth grew up with her head in a book, hiding paperbacks under her bedsheets with a torch when the lights went off. As a child she didn’t realise she could cross the boundary from reader to writer, so it wasn’t until the last few years when her attention turned to writing, initially prose but then poetry, the medium she now enjoys most. She finds the emotive value of poetry extremely powerful, allowing us as people to understand ourselves and each other, and wishes to achieve this feeling in her own writing.

In 2020, Elizabeth began pursuing publication for her writing and has since had numerous works in online journals, magazines, and anthologies under her penname 'Elizabeth Sallow'. She dreams of pursuing publication and hopes one day she can hold her own paperback, maybe this time not under the bedsheets with a torch, but proudly with the big light on.


Muren Lin

BSc Communication and Media 

Muren was a layman of painting that became a strong motive for him to explore a substitute method, a cool method of artistic image expression, which was photography. He has not been in love with photography for a long time, definitely less than three years. However, this short period provided him with precious opportunities to re-perceive the outer and inner world and laid a solid foundation for his aesthetic concept and arts expression in the future. Through the viewfinder of the camera, this young man with slight depression can seek for a temporary peace and deliver a special interpretation of the views in the context of global pandemic. Muren tries to focus on the beams of light through the windows and pillars of ancient cathedrals, seek the glow from layers of mountains and waves below the cliff. He tries to explore an expression to combine his 16-year experiences of piano playing with modern photography.

Before moving in the UK, Muren was awarded as a member of Xuzhou Branch, China Photographers Association. At the end of 2020, Muren passed the assessment and became a contracted photographer of a major Chinese commercial image platform ( and a candidate photographer of the greatest Chinese visual platform Visual China Group ( There is still a long way for him to explore, within the next two years, Muren plans to apply for the member of provincial organization of China Photographers Association, design a portfolio of World-class scenic spots in Europe and initiate a project about landscape and humanity art in Tibet, western China.