Alumni contacts

The School aims to engage with its alumni among undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students in order to create a sustainable culture of alumni relations in close collaboration with the Loughborough Alumni Office.

The School was restructured in September 2019 and consists of five subject areas, including alumni of the former constituent departments:

Alumni contacts by subject area

We are in contact with more than 25,000 alumni who graduated in the social sciences and humanities geography since 1966, when the Loughborough College of Advanced Technology became Loughborough University of Technology as an outcome of a recommendation by the Robbins Report of Higher Education (1963).
More than two thirds of the School’s alumni contacts studied social sciences and more than a quarter geography (Figure 1).

The growth of the University as reflected in increasing numbers of graduates means that more than half of the School’s alumni contacts graduated since 2011 (Figure 2).

Figure 1: The School’s alumni by subject area     Figure 2: The School’s alumni by decade of graduation

Global geographies of the School’s alumni

The School’s alumni work in more than 60 countries. About ten percent of the School’s alumni are currently working abroad, with an emphasis on China, the United States, Australia, France and Germany. This global geography of workplaces has been shaped by the UK’s close cultural relations with Commonwealth countries, the United States and continental Europe as well as by an ongoing shift of economic activities to China with a growing interest of Chinese students in studying at UK universities. Most of the exchange students among our alumni contacts are based in Germany, France and Belgium, which underlines the importance of the ERASMUS+ programme for European integration (Figure 3).

Figure 3: International workplaces of the School’s alumni contacts