Simon gained a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from UMIST (University of Manchester), then worked for 10 years in GEC Alsthom Energy Systems Ltd; designing and building large turn-key projects for the Nuclear, Wind and Process Engineering industrial sectors. Hthen worked for 20 years with New-Product and Industrial Process Development in a research consultancy environment specialising in running Collaborative R&D grant-funded projects for SMEs and large Industrial companies; many of these were funded by the EU/EC. 

Simon also undertook roles to Train all Europe’s SME Project Coordinators for the EC. Separately, Simon was an IP/IPR advisor to the Turkey Research Authority for their SME support programme to promote participation in EC collaborative research projects. Simon has introduced operational systems into companies and grown Research Portfolios and introduced Portfolio Management Systems.

Simon also has been involved in Management Buy Outs (MBOs) and has a strong background in Business, Finance, Strategy Development and Change Management. Simon has held director roles for over 10 years before joining Loughborough University in 2017. 

Overview of role

As the Head of Operations Manager, Simon has overall responsibility for the effective coordination and integration of administrative, technical and academic support functions within the School. He is responsible to the Dean of School for the development and implementation of management processes to support the delivery of the School's strategy and objectives.

Simon along with the Dean has overall responsibility for the School's budget and finances and management of the School's buildings and space portfolio. As Head of Operations for the Wolfson School, Simon also has an additional reporting line to the Chief Operating Officer (COO) in common with all Heads of Operation to ensure institutional strategy and objectives are consistently implemented and managed.