Abdur Siddiq

  • Research Associate in the Physical and Digital Validation of Multifunctional Materials and Manufacturing

Key roles and responsibilities

  • To undertake research into requirements capture for specification of porous structures and lightweight materials, their manufacturing processes and their validation/testing
  • To develop and implement the Design of Experiments techniques and protocols prior to manufacturing, materials characterisation, process simulation and validation
  • To work as part of a multi-disciplinary, multi-location team that addresses different aspects of the design, manufacturing, and validation cycle of porous materials and structures
  • to perform, as appropriate to the application, physical, chemical, microstructural, thermomechanical, electrical, and electromagnetic characterisation and analysis of the products and processes
  • To assist the academic staff in the project team with the supervision of undergraduate, MSc and PhD project work and day-to-day supervision and support of other researchers