Beyond the Bubble: Alumnae curate exhibition to share artwork

Anna Dermitzaki and Francesca Edwards are alumnae whose time at university was impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. They used the experience as inspiration to expand their creative work outside of Loughborough and have recently curated an exhibition.

‌Anna and Francesca (Fine Art 2020) were in their final year at Loughborough when the pandemic beganAs a result, their final year exhibition was unable to take place in person 

Beyond the Bubble is an exhibition focused on images of nostalgia and uses double meanings which stem from their time at the Universitywith ‘Bubble’ referring to a familiar term for LoughboroughThe title of the exhibition also refers to their achievements as alumnae, taking their work further - both artistically and moving to a different location. 

The exhibition celebrated the work of the Fine Art 2020 cohort, with 18 further alumni exhibiting as part of Beyond the Bubble. The artists were:

  • Scarlet Alford
  • Chris Bingham
  • Emma Bott-Watermeyer
  • Ciaran Buttress
  • Amber Cannings
  • Helena Dagnali
  • Anna Dermitzaki
  • Francesca Edwards
  • Rosanna Frith-Salem
  • Hannah Fletcher-Tomlinson
  • Rhian Lindsay Jones
  • Eve Juliet
  • Emma Lloyd
  • Eirianedd Munro
  • Freya Pryce
  • Jessica Ralph (graduated 2021)
  • Chloe Sparrow
  • Klara Szafrańska
  • Elizabeth Wheatcroft


The exhibition opened in Gallerie V, Cambridge on 10 September for 13 days. 

More information about the showcase and Anna and Francesca’s work can be seen on the Beyond the Bubble Instagram