Part A students take part in the Connector Challenge

On 19 November, 180 first year students produced a 180m flash art installation outside the Design School.

This was part of the Connector Challenge, in which students had the opportunity to convert art and design movements and evocative adjectives into a sculpture.

Students from three new Design programmes produced 380 different sculpture artefacts. The artefacts were then assembled into a flash installation, which stretched the full length of the Design School.

Connector Challenge image

All Part A students undertake this introductory module within the first six weeks of their studies, which includes basic skills training and practice, as well as the underpinning theory and principles associated with Design in the School of Design and Creative Arts.

This module gave students the opportunity to explore their own ideas as well as physical and virtual modelling.

In speaking about the Connector Challenge, the module leader, Dr George Torrens, has said:

“There has been an excellent exchange of knowledge and ideas between students and staff working on the module that has resulted in this impressive outcome.”

To learn more about the Connector Challenge, take a look at the video below.

School of Design and Creative Arts: Connector Challenge