Rosy Chetwynd-Appleton

  • Technical Tutor in Woven Textiles

Rosy joined Loughborough University in 2018 from a previous technical job in woven textiles at another university. Rosy has a first class degree in BSc Textile Design and a distinction in MA Textile Design. She has a specialist knowledge of hand weaving and Jacquard design using a wide range of equipment and materials.

As a Technical Tutor, she manages the running of the woven textiles workshop, delivers workshops on loom set up, other related equipment and computer aided design software for Jacquard and supports all academic and research activity in the workshop.

  • SAB621 Materials, Process and Conceptual Application
  • SAB622 Sampling and Textile Manufacture
  • SAC631 Process and innovation
  • SAC632 Final project

Hub responsibilities also involve technical assistance required by PGT PGR and a supporting role for research activity and enterprise.