Melaneia Warwick

  • Research Associate

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Dr Melaneia Warwick is a Research Associate at the Storytelling Academy. She holds a PhD in Participatory Arts from the University of Brighton.

Melaneia has conducted a range of international research including on transport, health, sport and waste in East Africa, learning disability and wellbeing in the UK and health and wellbeing in Cyprus. She has worked in a range of settings including unofficial urban settlements and with rural nomadic pastoralist communities. She is interested in the ways in which research can be co-produced through the use of participatory and visual methodologies including digital storytelling, photovoice, wearable camera technologies, photography and drawing.

She works across interdisciplinary settings and is interested in exploring the ways in which qualitative and quantitative data can be combined for research and policy engagement purposes.

Melaneia is a visual artist, Winston Churchill Fellow and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.