Ian Storer has designed a wide range of transportation, military, consumer and industrial products, both as an independent consultant and as part of design teams. During his time at Loughborough he has been active in exploring best practice in the: User Experience, Industrial and Automotive Design industries and has developed teaching strategies to nurture these abilities in students.

He has developed design methodologies and new modules in the areas of: design research, product semantics, design visualisation and new product development. The product semantics work has been successful in attracting live projects sponsored by automotive manufacturers and the methodology has been used to good effect in EPSRC funded research work.

Research group: Design Practice Research Group

Principal research activities and interests

Methods and tools to research, analyse, generate and evaluate aesthetic form; Product semantics and the expression of meaning through aesthetic form; Design visualisation teaching methodologies, including CAD, sketching and image manipulation.

• DSA01 Design Practice 1 
• DSA002 Design Practice 2
• DSB014 Design Communication
• DSB009 Industrial Design Studies 2
• DSP852 Industrial Design Skills