Zoe Olivia John

  • Doctoral Researcher

Zoe is the Co-Founder of sustainable design research studio Engage by Design.  She holds an MA in Sustainable Design from the University of Brighton and has lectured in sustainable and ethical practices in art and design across undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She was the EU lead for the Designers Accord until the project came to an end in 2013 and a Co-Founder of the Brighton Chapter of Good for Nothing.

In 2015 she started using social media to document found items on the street, that still hold value, in a bid to find them new homes. She calls this project Street Treasure.

In 2017 she was one of 15 shortlisted for a Global Change Award.


Zoe's expertise lies in using whole systems thinking to support, design and develop innovative outcomes and platforms for flourishing futures.

Thesis: [Ad]dressing mumma: Identifying design strategies for meaningful appropriate product life in maternity fashions.

Zoe is undertaking her doctoral research at Loughborough Design School investigating design strategies for the appropriate and meaningful life of maternity wear. This research aims to contribute to the growing area of design for circular fashion and textiles.

Zoe's research also aims to be conducive to understanding well-being as an integral part of sustainability using the lens of clothing to explore the dynamic between the two.

Supervisors: Val Mitchell and Garrath Wilson