Silvia has obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Peshawar University and then Master of philosophy in Management Sciences (Mphil) degree from Bahria University, Islamabad. She was awarded scholastic honours and honours cum laude in both her degrees, which has served a pivotal role in her achieving a university based scholarship from Pakistan.

Silvia has a vast experience of ten years, working in various sectors, but her career has mainly been embedded in the academia, where she has taken up teaching for eight years. Her experience, as a thorough professional and an interest in Human Resources led her to incorporate the field of Ergonomics for employees in Human Resources. Her recent most research is about the role of ergonomics in re-designing jobs for call centre telecom employees.

Silvia now intends to continue with her research at Loughborough University in the field of Office Ergonomics. Her research is focused around cognitive ergonomics and its role in work processes and functions for employees. She has embarked upon a specific area of ergonomics, which is aimed at bringing improvement in the work life of an employee.

Title of thesis: Designing cognitive ergonomic interventions to enhance productivity of call centre employees in UK.

Silvia’s current research encompasses the design of leisure activities in work breaks of call centre employees to improve their productivity. 

Supervisors: Dr Mike Fray, Dr Laurence Clift.