Liangchao Xue graduated from The University of Manchester in 2017 with a BSc (Hons) in Fashion Management, focused on management theory as well as the textiles science and technology context of the fashion industry. Her major research interests lie in how new technologies will improve retail environment.

Title of thesis: VR/AR to improve shopping experience.

Despite being worth over £60,800 million, the UK fashion retail sector faces an uncertain future. Retailers must understand how to present emerging technology in a format that facilitates consumer purchase behaviour, based on established consumer investigation methods. Developing disruptive technologies such as v-Commerce has great potential to increase the competitive advantage of any retailer who can tap into the shopping behaviours of consumers. To improve consumer shopping experience and sales revenue for fashion retailers, her PhD will feed into the design and development of future shopping experience for different fashion retail environments.

Supervisors: Dr Chris Parker, Cathryn Hart.