Leigh Arlegui

  • Doctoral Researcher

Leigh grew up in Madrid and came to the UK to study her BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences with Human Biology at Leeds Beckett University. Since then she completed a Master’s program in Exercise Biomedicine with Human Performance at Halmstad University in Sweden before joining the Environmental Ergonomics Research Centre at Loughborough Design School to start her PhD.


Title of thesis: Thermoregulation and perceptual changes in children during exercise – an evaluation of clothing performance.

Thermoregulation is a homeostatic process which functions autonomously to maintain a constant body core temperature. Clothing is one factor which affects thermoregulatory responses. Different clothing materials and designs, and the number of clothing layers worn can affect the degree of thermoregulatory physiological responses and psychological thermal perceptual changes differently. Over the years the topic of sports clothing has increased in popularity, with a focus on ways of increasing clothing efficiency and performance. However most research has been conducted on adults, meaning that there is a lack of data on the performance of children’s clothing, and on the relationship between their thermoregulatory responses and their thermal perceptual ratings during exercise. Therefore, the aim of this project is to evaluate the effects of clothing on body thermoregulatory responses, and perception of thermal sensation and thermal comfort in children whilst exercising in a cold or hot environment.

Supervisors: Professor George Havenith, Dr Keith Tolfrey, Dr Damien Fournet.