Eleanor Scott

  • Doctoral Researcher and University Teacher in Textiles

Eleanor has a diverse background in both fashion and constructed textiles design. After completing a Constructed Textiles BA Hons at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design she launched an ethical knitwear label which saw success in the global womenswear market and used innovative zero waste production techniques. Through the creation of sustainable knitwear garments, she began to develop new knitwear design and manufacture methodologies, and now carries on this mode of enquiry through her doctoral research. Eleanor's research and independent creative practice aims to open discussion around the acceptance of technology by traditional craft practitioners and industry professionals through industry collaboration.

Thesis title: The Digital and Sustainable Future of Knitwear for SME’s.

Eleanor Scott is a doctoral researcher within Loughborough University's School of Design and Creative Arts (SDCA), in collaboration with the Business of Fashion Textiles and Technology (BFTT). Her research is routed in the BFTT’s seventh challenge titled ‘Future Making and Manufacturing’, where digital technologies, such as those used commonly with additive manufacturing processes, are positioned to accelerate sustainability within the textiles and fashion industry, as mirrored in other high performing industries such as automotive and aerospace. Her research recognises that these technologies such as algorithmic and generative design software have not yet been fully exploited within the fashion industry, specifically the knitwear industry, despite the obvious parallels between knitted fabric construction (rows upon rows) and additively manufactured structures (layer upon layer).

Supervisors: Dr Andrew Johnson and Professor Tracy Bhamra.