Aikaterini Christogianni

  • Doctoral Researcher

PhD student Aikaterini has BA in Philology in school of Philosophy at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece in which she specialized in Medieval and Modern Greek Studies.

She completed her BSc in Psychology (Dissertation/Thesis: Inspection of nonconscious goals in intuition, effects in optimism and mystery moods) and also her MSc in Clinical Neuropsychology (Dissertation/Thesis: Brain lateralization and the state regulation in self-reported ADHD symptoms in adults) at University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

In January 2017 Aikaterini started her PhD in the Environmental Ergonomics, fully funded by Loughborough University. She is interested in somatosensory and thermoregulatory aspects in Multiple Sclerosis.

Thesis title: Somatosensory and Thermoregulatory aspects in Multiple Sclerosis.

Aikaterini is undertaking a PhD in the Environmental Ergonomics Research Centre (EERC), which is fully funded by Loughborough University. She is interested in the somatosensory and thermoregulatory aspects of Neurological Diseases, with special interest in Multiple Sclerosis.

Supervisors: Dr Davide Filingeri and Professor Richard Bibb.