Dr Andrew Pooley

PhD at Loughborough University
MA in User Experience Design at Loughborough University (Academic Excellence Award)
BArch in Architecture (RIBA part 1) at Nottingham Trent University
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)

Pronouns: He/him
  • Lecturer in Design, specialising in Environments and User Experience Design

Andrew is a highly respected member of the School of Design and Creative Arts faculty. Andrew possesses expertise in interpreting domestic activity, enabling him to explore the fundamental beliefs and actions that influence such behaviours. To achieve this, Andrew employs innovative research techniques to gather thorough and insightful data, resulting in rich and valuable research outcomes. Andrew is devoted to comprehending domestic behaviour to develop interventions that can result in lasting and sustainable behavioural transformations.

As the module leader for the Shaping Technologies in Society module, Andrew has a strong interest in exploring how technology will impact different areas of our lives. He is particularly fascinated with analysing how technology will affect our day-to-day experiences and views this from the perspectives of environment design, experience design, and industrial design. This module is instrumental in providing a deeper understanding of the potential consequences of technological progress and in shaping a meaningful future for our society.

Areas of expertise

Andrew is a highly accomplished individual who holds a PhD degree from Loughborough University. Andrew’s expertise revolves around exploring creative research methods that help understand domestic householder attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours. In his PhD, he delved into the topic of householder behaviours, drawing on the human assistant metaphor to inform the design of in-home intelligent personal assistants, such as Siri or Alexa.

As a research associate, Andrew investigated consumer requirements for low-temperature networks, which focused on householder perceptions of renewable heating and cooling systems and domestic energy applications. Currently, he is focusing on studying how intelligent personal assistants can promote sustainability behaviours within households. Andrew incorporates his enthusiasm for Design Fiction in the module he teaches. He showcases how technology companies shape their perception of the future. His approach offers students a thorough comprehension of the topic and enables them to invent future products, experiences, and environments that challenge the notion of an inevitable future.

Andrew is an expert User Experience Researcher who has led the way for a fitness company located in Silicon Valley, USA. His extensive understanding of the Experience Design industry and the qualifications needed to bring on new talent allows him to seamlessly integrate relevant educational material into his work.

Andrew is an ambitious early career researcher who was appointed as a lecturer in 2023. His primary focus is exploring innovative ways virtual agents, such as Amazon Alexa, can be effectively utilised to educate and influence sustainable domestic behaviour. Andrew’s extensive expertise in this field is showcased through his PhD thesis and research publications. Andrew is an active member of a special interest research group for augmented and virtual reality. This group aligns with his interest in emerging technologies, which he believes can play a critical role in promoting sustainable behaviour. 

Andrew’s current publication: Pooley AC, May A, Mitchell V. Furthering the Development of Virtual Agents and Communication Robot Devices through the Consideration of the Temporal Home. Multimodal Technologies and Interaction. 2023; 7(11):104. https://doi.org/10.3390/mti7110104 

Andrew holds the position of RTE and is the module leader for Shaping Technologies in Society, which runs on the BA Industrial Design and BA Design course. Andrew has imparted his knowledge and expertise to undergraduate students through teaching and lecturing and has also contributed significantly to the teaching of master programmes such as User Experience Design (MA and MSc). In addition, Andrew earned the Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) in May 2021 and is presently striving towards achieving Senior Fellowship (SFHEA) status.

- Andrew has achieved Fellow of the higher education academy (FHEA).

- Andrew was awarded the Academic Excellence Award upon graduation from the User Experience Design MA programme.

- Andrew worked as the Lead User Experience Researcher for a fitness company based in Silicon Valley, USA, for 18 months. During this time, he also held a teaching position where he shared his industry knowledge and experiences as part of the curriculum.

- Andrew is a Professional Public Speaker accredited by ILM R and CPD certification.

- Andrew is a Mental Health Champion recognised by MHFA England.

Andrew is an experienced researcher in the field of domestic environments. He is currently looking for a doctoral candidate who shares his passion for exploring the intricacies of smart home technology and its implications on society. Specifically, Andrew is interested in supervising doctoral students who are enthusiastic about investigating the potential of smart home technology in enhancing everyday life at home.