Water Engineering and Development Centre

Monitoring and evaluation

The Uganda annual water and sanitation sector performance report

Location Client Dates Value
Uganda DFID for the Government of Uganda 2003 USD 220,000

WEDC staff involved:

Summary of project activities and outcomes:

The project reviewed the approach to sector monitoring in Uganda through a consultative process that engendered national ownership from the outset and resulted in the establishment of a revised sector monitoring system with ten headline or “golden” indicators to describe the performance of the water sector in Uganda. From the outset the project developed a process that progressively reduced the need for external inputs from consultants so that after 3 years, the whole system was nationally managed. The work reviewed the many different monitoring activities and tested a range of indicators which were agreed by national sector stakeholders. WEDC staff (Kevin Sansom and Sam Kayaga) participated in consultations and preparation of the annual Uganda water & sanitation sector performance report (2003) with Delta Partnership. This report was presented by the Minister of Water to the annual Joint Sector Review attended by government departments and donors. The 2003 annual sector report provided a template for subsequent annual reports, which have been well regarded by sector stakeholders in the East Africa region.